Using Evolution to Excuse Promiscuity

While this post and the article linked below have nothing explicit or prurient, they contain adult concepts. Sensitive and younger readers may want to skip this one. Since Darwinism has given us many wicked social views and rejects the Creator, it is no surprise that evolution can be used to justify sexual promiscuity.

Evolutionary morality descends even further, justifying uninhibited sexuality for men. To do this, they deny the Creator and his written Word.
Lovers, Konstantin Somov, 1920
Atheists may feel free to indulge in sexual abuse because they suppress the truth that God exists and is the final Judge of everyone, but they still must deal with laws and societies. Many claim that morality comes from evolution, which is foolish even on the surface. We have seen in previous posts how evolutionists struggle with ethics and morality.

While atheists and evolutionists scoff at biblical Christianity and creationists, the ultimate truth is found in the unchanging Word of God. Humans may be classified by scientists as animals, but we are created in God's image. He has not only given us the Book to guide us, he lives within his people. Unfortunately, those who believe that we are simply another type of animal tend to justify acting like animals.

Using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™, a couple of scientists presupposed evolution and interpreted their observations of animals accordingly. From there, they added copious amounts of speculation and personal opinions. Men should be able to have sex with whomever they please, individually or in groups. To be blunt, I reckon that this is simply a "scientific" excuse for debauchery. The evoporn from the researchers does not indicate how women feel about all this — but they may think that they can play that game as well. But then, maybe they are playing their own game with abortion "rights" to justify the murder of the unborn.

Apparently, love has nothing to do with it. Nor respect. The Owner's Manual tells us our Creator's ideal: one man, one woman, one marriage. Obviously, we don't keep to the ideals and there is sin in our lives; those who have long marriages are the exception, not the rule. But this utilitarian use of sex has no place for love and respect — concepts that cannot be accounted for in materialism.
Women, are you listening? Darwinists justify unleashing unrestricted male passions on you with no responsibility.
In these days of the #MeToo movement, and strict rules against sexual harassment in the workplace, are you surprised that evolutionary biology justifies unrestricted, irresponsible male sexual indulgence, with anyone at any time, as perfectly natural? The ground for this view comes from fundamental assumptions Darwinians make before they even look at evidence:
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