Creation Science, Biomimetics, and the Bombardier Beetle

Creationists have been using the bombardier beetle as an example of irreducible complexity before that that phrase was first used by Dr. Michael Behe. Essentially, everything has to be in place from the start or nothing works. The bombardier beetle has also inspired some scientific applications. There are many species of these beetles. Some of them are the explosive types that fire off bursts of hot liquid accurately at predators, and others have similar approaches. 

The bombardier beetle has been frequently cited by creationists as an example of irreducible complexity. It becomes more fascinating from an engineering perspective, and practical applications were gleaned.
Australian bombardier beetle, Wikimedia Commons / Peter Halasz (CC by-SA 3.0)
Clinton Richard Dawkins told half truths and left out important information while denigrating creation and affirming evolution. Of course, his "it evolved" non-answer was typical of Darwin's acolytes.

Professor Andy McIntosh was familiar with the common fascinating information, but he has a different perspective and education, so he asked different questions than the rest of us may ask. His collaboration and examination led to practical applications (biomimetics/biomimicry) for us humans.
Looking at high-speed photos of a bug blasting chemicals from its behind might fascinate most of us for only a few minutes, but not Andy. Someone with a doctorate in combustion theory doesn’t look at the world the way we do. He knew that there must be more to the story.
. . .
What caught Andy’s attention in the new report was the obvious evidence of combustion, his area of expertise. Something amazing must be going on for an insect to set off a series of explosions and then to machine gun its enemies.
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We’ve all seen pictures of animals doing battle or predators stalking their unsuspecting prey. But the Bombardier beetle is equipped with what scientists have described as a chemical cannon.