Still More Dinosaur Feather Fake News

My old pal Miles Prower stopped by to let me know that the hands at the Darwin Ranch were cranking up the propaganda mill again, this time to give more fake news about fossilized dinosaur feathers. Here we go again.

We saw that proponents of particles-to-paleontologist evolution are riding hard and fast to use space aliens for propaganda, but they are especially enamored with using dinosaurs to promote evolution. People with a modicum of critical thinking skills and some degree of science knowledge should be able to see that this report is nonsense.

Excited claims that dinosaur feathers were found at the South Pole. However, the truth is far different than the propaganda.
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One significant problem here is the same as we experience at The Question Evolution Project — a frustration common to Page owners. Namely, lack of reading. People see headlines and summaries but tend to avoid actually reading the material and thinking about the poor science and reasoning involved.

Ride up on the hill for the bigger view. What did they find? Fossils of feathers. Where did they find them? Southeastern Australia. Where did the fake news say they were from? The South Pole. What is the evidence? None. Assumptions, presuppositions of evolution and deep time, circular reasoning, and basic storytelling were found. If grant money was based on actual science instead of propaganda value, these jaspers would be relegated to selling pencils outside subway terminals. Unfortunately, they are locked in with their naturalistic views, so they won't cowboy up and admit that the actual evidence they find is in keeping with recent creation and the Genesis Flood. Galileo Figaro, they're frightened!
Dino-bird evolution frequently causes excitement on social media platforms so my attention was grabbed by a picture of a fully feathered dinosaur with a sensationalist National Geographic headline that read, “In a first, fossil dinosaur feathers found near the South Pole”. However, what had actually been found differed so significantly from the headline that words such as overreaching speculation and grandiose story-telling immediately came to mind. In what follows, I have broken down the article’s salient points to highlight the highly misleading nature of National Geographic’s claims.
To read the rest of the article and learn the facts, click on "Separating fact from fiction in a farcical story! — Were fossil dinosaur feathers really found near the South Pole?"