Evolutionists Celebrating Darwinian Racism

It is bad enough that Darwin's votaries pretend that they are driven by science and not by faith in naturalism, but they celebrate the Bearded Buddha with religious fervor. It happened on the 150th anniversary of the Marxist-adored Origin of Species, and now this.

Although misotheists and evolutionists try to deny it, Darwin's views promoted racism. They are celebrating the 150th anniversary of  Descent of Man.
Some professing atheists think evolution makes them "intellectually fulfilled"
Celebrations are planned for the 150th anniversary of The Descent of Man, and by the time this is published, there will undoubtedly be more. (This may include dancing around the maypole.) Interestingly, there are no significant calls by the cancel culture gang to deplatform Darwin. Falsehoods abound about this owlhoot's "wonderful discovery" and how he was a "great scientist", but he only hijacked natural selection and retooled existing evolutionary views for his own purposes. Also, Darwin had no formal scientific training.

It is about worldviews. Evolutionism is naturalism and is opposed to special creation — especially God's creation of man as special and in his image. They reduce us to just another animal. Although we have documented many times that Darwin was a hardcore racist and evolution was amplified, atheists and evolutionists wave off its racism or say that Darwin was a "product of his times" (something that cancel culture doesn't do for others). There are many ways that evolution has been harmful to society, religion, medical science and more, Darwin is revered. While it may seem petty on the surface to criticize Chuckie, it is important to know his worldview because it influenced the philosophies he advocated.

Ok, a test for you. Is the following fact or fiction?

An edict banned church services and ordered the destruction of Scripture and churches. There was strong persecution for failure to obey. Later edicts commanded that pastors be arrested. Beheadings and burnings were the common punishments for disobeying the edict, but that depended on the creativity and cruelty of the particular governor of the region.

Well, the above is fact! The first Roman edict for this situation was issued on February 24, 303. While the edict was issued by Diocletian, his subordinate Caesar Galerius bears much of the responsibility for it. Galerius was a hardened pagan and wanted to use paganism to unify the empire, much like Constantine would use Christianity a few decades later. Edicts were issued for the entire empire to sacrifice to the pagan gods. The edict against Christianity lasted a mere seven years before Galerius repealed it, openly admitting it was a failure.

In a way, it does have some similarities with what happened when Nebuchadnezzar issued an edict that people had to bow down to his image or be burned in a fiery furnace. And for some reason, it even reminded me of certain events over the past year.

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