The Geocentrism Resurgence

Most people accept, and even take for granted, the geokinetic (also called heliocentric) model but may not know it by name. In the briefest sense, the sun is the center of the solar system with Earth and other planets in orbit around it. For a long time, the geocentric view dominated astronomy and astrology.

This post contains links to articles describing the history of geocentrism, the modern resurgence, and thoroughly debunking that idea.
Planetary Orbits, Andreas Cellanius, 1660
The idea that Earth is the center of the solar system was reinforced by the pagan astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemy, who built on Aristotelian ideas. His system was accepted by scientists for many years, and the heliocentric view took a long time to develop and gain acceptance. Although heliocentrism/geokineticism has been established, there is a baffling resurgence in geocentrism. (In addition, many flat-earthers are geocentrists.) Not only do many deny that Earth orbits the sun, but some geocentrists refuse to believe that it rotates on its axis!

One area that atheists ridicule Christians is by accusing us of being flat-earthers as well as believing in geocentrism. Unfortunately, there are professing Christians who believe in these unscientific views. What is worse is that through eisegesis and taking verses out of context, many of them believe they are superior to other Christians. To be blunt, when I encounter flat-earth geocentric creationists, I am embarrassed to be associated with them; creationists have enough problems without sharing the umbrella with believers in such things.

We have a couple of articles to consider. Biblical creation astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner has put a great deal of work into these, and I hope you'll find them as interesting and useful as I do. By the way, keep an eye out for the sections on how scientists were entrenched in their geocentric views and resisted change. Also, how the view that aether was necessary so light could travel through outer space — think of how Darwinian presuppositions are the basis for failed biological and cosmological conjectures of modern evolutionists.