Evolutionists Conjure Spirit of Darwin with Bad Science

A spell back, we saw how some of Darwin's disciples were erroneously asserting that a certain artery in the arm was evolution in action. That was a detailed example, and we can see that it was not simply an outlier.

Evolutionists are sacrificing science to the spirit of Darwin. Promoting naturalism and denying the Creator, they make fools of themselves.
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Numerous instances of fake science presented as evidence of molecules-to-magician evolution are seen here, with links to other sites for more information.. They presuppose that evolution happened, never questioning if it happened, then assume that whatever they see in nature (or think they see) helps them further understand it. Although we have been taught that evolution takes a very long time, somehow it is so flexible that rapid changes are conflated with evolution and used to support it.

Except that there really is no actual evolution happening. Still, they conjure up the spirit of Darwin (blessed be!) to give themselves credibility and get money for their phony baloney jobs. Naturalism and denying the work of the Creator is more important to some sidewinders than actual science. They are sacrificing their minds as well as credible science.
When critiques have been forbidden, lazy evolutionary biologists get away with incompetent scientific work and inept thinking.

Here are more examples of a theme concluded by Dr Jerry Bergman in yesterday’s post [linked in the reference in the first paragraph]: claims of “evolution occurring before our eyes” fall apart when examined. Why don’t other evolutionists pour shame on such lazy thinkers within their camp? The evolution they’re seeing right before their eyes is in their dreams, because their eyes are closed when they ought to be working.

To read the examples of this spooky stuff that passes as evolutionary science, fly on over to "Evolution in Action, or Evolutionist Inaction?" Bonus: Listen to the song "Hallow's Eve" by Holy Soldier.