Humans Evolving Now — No 'Arm in Trying

It is tragic as well as humorous when misotheists say that evidence for creation is everywhere, but they must continually reinforce their presumption that there is no God, that things only appear designed. Meanwhile, many silly things are proclaimed as evidence for evolution, but they are nothing of the kind. A recent example is the human median artery.

Some people have an artery in their arms that does not belong. Darwinists are calling it evidence for evolution, but this is false.
Credit: Stocksnap / Michael Mroczek

If you have the median artery, you shouldn't. The Master Engineer put it in place for when a baby is developing so blood reaches the hands. When other arteries develop, this goes away. Usually. Some jaspers took a study of Australian cadavers and found that many still had it. They took this extremely limited population sampling, saw that there was little reference to the artery's existence in old literature (which stinks to me of an argument from silence), the proclaimed evolution. Hail Darwin, blessed be! The area around Deception Pass will be echoing the noise of the celebrations at the Darwin Ranch, you betcha.

Except that this conclusion of evolution was not only based on limited sampling and spotty historical records, the existence of the median artery (divided into median cubital and median antebrachial) is the product of a mutation. There is a maybe-what-if-perhaps-under-the-right-conditions-possibly beneficial mutation, but it has contributed to compressing the median nerve and contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other difficulties. This is devolution, not evolution in any Darwinian sense. But these are the same tinhorns that think loss of features is evidence there is no Creator, so there you go.

A new study was published on the human median artery which the authors claim offers support for evolution. The median artery is an embryonic structure located in the forearm, wrist and hand, which after birth is often dissembled and the parts recycled. The median artery follows the median nerve on its medial or lateral side. When the arm is still small, as it is in a fetus, the median artery supplies the blood needed to the arm and hand. When the arm grows in length and diameter as the fetus matures, two larger arteries are required to supply this part of the body with blood. When the other two arteries develop, the small median artery is no longer required, but in some cases may persist even after birth.

The new study reported on here found that the persistence of the median artery in postnatal life has approximately tripled over the last 125 years.[1] Why this has occurred is an interesting question but, not unexpectedly, this small variation has now been exploited by Darwinists. The longer life of the median artery is not a newly evolved trait, as they claim, but simply a variation in its persistence rate.

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