Scorpions in the Post-Fall Creation

People are often nervous about scorpions. They are not just in the desert, and some have lethal stings. Of course, the 25 dangerous species get most of the attention. Darwin's handmaidens are none to fond of these critters.

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Credit: Unsplash / Wolfgang Hasselmann

The "oldest" fossil scorpion according to evolutionary dating shows no appreciable change over all those supposed years. Also, evolutionists are unable to come up with satisfactory explanations for the development of both venom and the delivery system. Many creationists believe that organisms were "frontloaded" with genetic information at Creation, and genetic switches and so forth were activated at the Fall of man. Scorpions are fascinating critters, so we should take a look.

You can’t ponder the scorpion without noticing all its magnificent weaponry. The most obvious items in its arsenal are the bulbous stinger mounted on the tip of the abdomen and the arm-like pinching pedipalps. The pedipalps seize prey, which mostly consists of insects (bigger scorpions can take on small rodents and reptiles). If the prey is larger and likely to fight back, the scorpion can whip its tail over its head and sting.

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