Archaeopteryx and Pterosaurs Together

In our last exciting episode, we saw how modern bird fossils have been found in places that frustrate minerals-to-mallard evolutionists. There are additional developments in paleontology that make matters worse for their fundamentally flawed worldview.

Research shows that pterosaurs and Archaeopteryx flew at the same time

It seems that pterosaurs were doing right well until they were't. That is, they did not just decline gradually, but they appear to have pretty much stopped suddenly. Secularists try to use the asteroid impact extinction story (where all sorts of other critters inexplicably survived while others wound up taking a dirt nap). There's no evidence for this sudden demise, however, just speculation. A recent discovery in a phosphate mining area showed a pterosaur with a wingspan the size of "a small plane", about nine meters (30 feet). That bad boy would spook the horses something fierce! Wouldn't have made the cowboys comfortable, either.


In the same time scheme (according to Darwin years, that is), pterosaurs and Archaeopteryx lived at the same time. (I'll call him Archie, since I can't spell Archaeopteryx.) Biblical creationists have been pointing out for decades that Archie was a true bird, and not a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds like Darwin's disciples claim. Secular scientists have agreed that Archie was a true, ancient bird, and it was capable of powered flight. Oh, sure, some still cling like a crazy ex-girlfriend to the transitional form notion, and others claim that creationists are trying to "deliberately mislead Christians about this creature" when we present evidence, but they cannot change reality: birds and dinosaurs were created separately — and recently.

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