Multiple Evolutionary Miracles and Bird Flight

Watching or reading material on dinosaurs from secular sources, the story that they evolved into birds frequently comes up. Many things are ignored, including how birds and dinosaurs existed at the same time but museums disingenuously omit this in their displays.

Dino-to-bird evolution is also presented as a subject of scientific unity. False. Not only creationists, but some secular scientists reject it. They are not allowed to eat dinner with the big people, and have to scarf it down from paper plates while standing in the alley outside the main hall.

Although there is no real evidence, many paleontologists believe dinosaurs evolved into birds. This claim and powered flight require secular miracles.
Imagined dinosaur bird, Pixabay / Tirriko
Evolutionists get mighty sneaky. If they can't prove something, change the facts — or in this case, definitions of dinosaurs and birds. Presupposing dinosaurs evolved into birds, now we have "non-avian dinosaurs" in the definition. They require trust, but deceive people.

Delving into creation science material on dino-to-bird evolution reveals numerous difficulties that changing life forms would encounter, including the amazing design of feathers themselves. Darwin's disciples know that there are many problems. Although they may deny it, they believe in miracles — but without the Creator, of course. Their wording gives them away.

The miracle of powered flight just...happened. Yes, it's amazing, but it must have occurred. Because evolution. Also, it allegedly happened four times (let the reader beware, such multiple occurrences are a smoke screen for not having any evidence). Even better, flight had its origin in dinosaurs. After all, mayhaps dinosaurs didn't need to fly, but they had wings in development that were used to attract mates, care for the young, and hold sparklers at New Year's Eve parties.
While you’re having fun with one miracle, why not have many?

Dr Feathered Dinosaur himself, Xing Xu, sees powered flight as just one of those things that evolves from time to time. Yes, it’s astonishing, he agrees, to think that random changes in genes would produce an eagle, but given that evolution is a fact (shoo! you creationists!) he has no other choice. And since creation explanations are routinely censored by Big Science, Xing never has to hear the laughter of sensible people at the notion that flight just happened.

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