The Question of Being Born Gay

In some ways, being born homosexual is a "gotcha" situation to condemn God. That is, if he created people that way, then he is wrong to say that their lifestyles are sinful. Proponents say that gay behavior that appears homosexual is seen in animals, so a hasty generalization is made to justify it in human behavior.

People have long wondered what causes homosexuality. Many speculations have been proposed, including a "gay gene" — which does not exist (look it up). Perhaps it has a basis in biology? There has been a great deal of research in this area.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, no gay gene, based on Sidney Paget (1893) with Clker clipart added
It is not surprising to this child that research and studies were faulty. Geneticists tried to pinpoint a cause, and studies were undertaken regarding biological causes. The studies were poorly conducted, the best results being that more research is needed but with larger sample groups.

The word gay was appropriated from its original meaning, but many in the lifestyle are not gay according to the original meaning of that word. Modern Babylon wants us to accept homosexuality, and even celebrate it. People take pride in their rebellion against God's created order.

It was originally considered a mental illness, but the gay brigade managed to force psychologists to change their opinions on paper. Jesus sets people free of the gay lifestyle, and the apostle Paul pointed out that change is possible in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11: "...and such were some of you..."

While homosexuality is a sin and people must repent, some Christians need to remember that it is not the only sin. Whatever sin is in someone's life that keeps them from coming to salvation in Christ, it needs to be removed. You savvy that?
Many Christian parents have asked me this question. They are struggling with a child who has recently “come out” and are trying to grapple with this new reality. These parents have lovingly taught their children the Bible, taken them to church all their young lives, and can’t understand how their children could possibly choose this sinful sexual behavior. They think biology may help explain what they are wrestling to explain any other way. So can it? And if biology can explain it, is homosexual behavior still sinful if God made them that way?

You can read the rest (or listen to the audio by my favorite reader) at "Are Some People Born Gay?" Also of interest is "Born That Way? Not Scientific!" from 2016.