Biblical Creationists Embrace Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

In anticipation of the tenth annual Question Evolution Day on February 12, we should mount up and head for yonder hill to get a bigger perspective. Misotheists and other evolutionists say that biblical creationists believe "myths" and "fairy tales" despite scientific evidence. This raises some important questions.

Evolutionists and atheists say that biblical creationists believe in myths. That raises several questions, including why they do science and debates.
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Actually, the questions that are raised fit under an umbrella question: Why don't biblical creationists fear science? People who have something to hide or know that their belief systems won't withstand scrutiny seem to shun science, logic, and good theology. But we embrace such things.

If natural sciences like geology truly support deep time, why are there organized tours by creationists?

There are many, with people and organizations such as:

"Yeah, Cowboy Bob, they're just brainwashing people with religion. Secularists need equal time!"

Such muddy thinking is based on the concept that people are stupid and unable to ask questions — mayhaps they're worried that they'll ask probing questions. In addition, materialists are indoctrinating both children and adults constantly — especially in school systems — with millions of years and evolution. I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine, we are equal time. Biblical creation science is bad medicine for secularists, so they spend hours conditioning people by telling them what to think. We want to teach them how to think.

Tenth annual Question Evolution Day

In fact, one purpose of Question Evolution Day is to encourage people who believe in universal common ancestor evolution to examine the actual science behind their beliefs. If they strip away the presuppositions and lousy logic, they might realize that evolution is not supported by science.

Another question: Why do people skilled in creation science, including scientists, seek debates?

For several years, Dr. Duane Gish was a leading debater of evolutionists. He was libeled with the term "Gish Gallop", coined by Dr. Eugenie Scott (see "Should Scientists Debate Creationists?", and note the loaded terminology in the title, which implies creationists are not scientists). In fact, evolutionists are the ones who use sneaky debate tactics. One example is when Bill Nye the Leftist Activist Guy used the falsely-attributed "Gish Gallop" tactic (or elephant hurling) in his contrary-to-advice debate with Ken Ham. Dr. Gish did not advocate for that kind of tactic, and Nye admitted to using it.

By the way, when misotheists and Darwin's acolytes consult their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ to use that ridiculous "Gish Gallop" expression, I wonder how many have ever watched or heard any of the 300-plus debates. Of course, defamers think and say what they are told.

Creationists have issued debate challenges, but the high priests of evolutionism tell secular scientists to avoid them. Sure, there are debates with low-level evolutionists and atheists, but frankly (mind if I call you Frank?), I would pay to watch a debate between Dr. Richard Dawkins and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, for instance. Interestingly, Dr. Jason Lisle had a debate of sorts with Dr. Eugenie Scott on CNN. Creation Ministries International has offered to debate atheists and evolutionists, but are rejected out of hand.

This raises another question: Why not just shut us down with real science?

Readers of this site and others by biblical creationists can easily see that science is saturated with presuppositions, assumptions, circular reasoning, faulty and incomplete research, numerous logical fallacies, and more. They do not shut us down through science because they cannot. Indeed, the science is on our side, not only refuting deep time and evolution, but also affirming recent creation and the Genesis Flood. The world is young, Yorick. God is our Creator, and he makes the rules.

Also ask: If evolution were a "fact" of science as some internet denizens proclaim, why is there so much fraud?

There have been numerous frauds used in an effort to not only trick people into believing in evolutionism, but many were to gain fame and fortune for the "discoverers". We have seen fake news, bad science, retracted papers cited, the reproducibility crisis in peer-reviewed papers, and so much more. While any field of operational or historical science will have errors, I can't rightly recollect that they have had rampant fraud and bad science.

We affirm science

Despite the unfounded claims of our detractors, creationists affirm and embrace science. We reject secularist storytelling and irrational assertions, of course. Also, there are many scientists who doubt Darwin, reject evolution, or are full-on creationists. If someone wants to challenge us, they need to do it without fallacies, misrepresentation, and tall tales. You savvy that?

Okay, it's been a while since I had us ride up on top of this hill for a bigger picture. I hope you got it, and maybe a selfie as well. We can get back to doing whatever stuff we were doing before. Thanks.