Toumai Man: Another Evolutionary Ancestor Discarded

We often see the hands at the Darwin Ranch getting all excited about the latest evolutionary discovery, then the sensationalistic press makes a monolith out of it. But those monoliths disappear and become footnotes in the history of evolutionary fake news. This is happening with "Toumai man".

This was touted as evidence for evolution, but was doubted by some. Evidence was suppressed, and Toumai man may be another Piltdown Man fraud.
Credit: Flickr / Tim Evanson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
"We didn't evolve from apes", but our "ancestors" sure looked like them!
At least the modeler did not give the critter whites in the eyes.
When secularists conduct incomplete research or even suppress important information, their alleged evidence for evolution, the Big Bang, and other things fade away upon further examination. Sometimes it happens rather quickly (like the "proof" of the Big Bang inflation and gravitational waves), and other instances take a few years — even when there is reasonable doubt at the onset.

Something I advise in many cases is to take a "wait and see" approach. After all, not only do many proclamations collapse later, but our faith is in the Word of God; atheistic interpretations of observations cannot destroy biblical creation science or kick God off the throne!

Please pay attention: A question I recommend using that troubles naturalists is that if evolution is true and "settled science", why are there so many examples of blatant fraud and poor research?

Indeed, an article in 2002 at Creation Ministries International discussed problems with Tourani man, and was quickly amended with additional information where secular scientists were also trying to pull back on the reins and slow the gallop.

Interesting that there was not much interest shown in Toumai man (Sahelanthropus tchadensis) when misotheists would attempt to silence creationists with things they considered evidence for evolution. They use other outdated items, but this one was left out (at least in my experience). There were reasons to doubt its validity from the get-go, but there was grant money to be had and the narrative of naturalism had to be maintained.

Now we're learning that this may be similar to the Piltdown Man fraud that fooled secularists for over forty years. You can see outdated propaganda documentaries, and "Toumai, the Oldest Human Ancestor" can be found on some streaming platforms.

A new research study has debunked one of the most important human evolution fossils ever discovered, commonly known as Toumai man. Soon after his remains were discovered, the world’s leading science journal, Nature, featured a photograph of him on the cover, above which were printed in bold letters the words announcing the finding as “The Earliest Known Hominid.” The Nature article about the hominid listed 38 authors who predicted it was going to shake up the human family tree. These 38 authors included some of the most distinguished paleoanthropologists alive today, many teaching at the world’s leading universities. The seven-page-long article included numerous color photographs of the find, plus several pages that meticulously described him in fine detail.

It would be beneficial to you to continued reading "Early Man: Toumai Deposed". This short video from 2013 is also helpful: