Resource — Lucy the Ape Continues to Fall

I wasn't going to post about "Lucy" again so soon, but more information has come in and this will be a link-loaded resource, including articles and a new video.

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have been mighty glum lately. News about the alleged transitional form known as Lucy have been going from bad to worse, and it's not only because of biblical creationists. That's right, even evolutionists are admitting that Lucy's status upright-walking link is poor. Some of Darwin's Cheerleaders will deny the evidence (preferring outdated material and uninformed opinions to credible evidence). Do they know that one of the bones assigned to the creature was actually from a baboon?

A new article, new video, other links to show that Lucy was not our evolutionary ancestor.
Modified from a public domain image at Wikimedia Commons
First, an article. Further studies show that this extinct ape was swinging from the trees, but they still cling to their story and say that maybe perhaps somehow she spent part of the time on the ground. Pretty desperate to promote lack of evidence as science in order to deny the fact that we were created, and not the product of random chance evolution, isn't it? To read the report from Creation-Evolution Headlines, click on "Lucy Lived in the Trees".

Next, we have a new video ("webinar") from Genesis Apologetics, the people that brought us the "Debunking Evolution" material. The first part establishes that this is a biblical creation science organization, and gives some other creation science information that people who are not so familiar with the origins controversy may appreciate. Later, Lucy gets the treatment — mostly from evolutionists. One of my favorite video scenes is included, where a cast of the bones are modified to fit together the way they're "supposed" to be! Again, we see that scientists have presuppositions, and sometimes those cause them to tamper with the data. To see "Lucy's Fall from Science", click here and select the last of the four videos.

Here are some other articles to help you put the ape back in the trees:
Yippie ky yay, secularists!