The Old "Evolution has been Proven" Trick

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

When Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ try to hornswoggle people by asserting "evolution has been proven", there is a wagon train-load of baggage attached. First, science does not prove anything People familiar with its workings should know it, and that science disproves things.

Another problem is that such a sentence uses subtle appeals to authority and popularity. Do you want people to think you are a science denier? Scientists accept the fact of evolution, and so does everyone else. Never mind the manipulation, there are other problems with the claim.

When disciples of Darwin assert that evolution is proven, they are showing ignorance of science. They are also using manipulation and poor reasoning.
One of the main problems is the word evolution. You may have noticed that I often use terms like microbes-to-misotheist evolution, Darwinism, and so on because there are several definitions. Some definitions are vague (such as "change") and worthless without context.

Some of the baggage that comes along with the false claim that "evolution has been proven" are from a sneaky fallacy called conflation. Darwin's disciples insist that "evolution is science", as if it was foundational to everything scientific. Rein in a moment. Yes, that's true to some extent. However, the way things evolve because of change over time applies to robotics, vehicular travel, personnel management, and more. For that matter, creepypasta legends of Slenderman, the Rake, and other scary monsters have evolved over time — but none of those are in the Darwinian sense.

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A typical village atheist will insist that evolution is science, that natural selection is evolution, and speciation is proof of evolution. In addition, they falsely claim that COVID-19 is proof of their beliefs, which is a way of hijacking science and manipulating fears. When we point out that natural selection and speciation are not evolution in the universal common ancestor sense (and identify the risible conflation of evolution and science), they call us liars, stamp their feet, and scream out malisons.

The Bearded Buddha pulled a natural selection trick with his views of insects on windswept islands. It did not go well. Evolutionists are shocked — shocked, I tell you — to learn that speciation fits the biblical creationist worldview! Further, Edward Blyth wrote up the idea of natural selection years before Darwin confiscated and corrupted it.

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While we all need to be careful of confirmation bias in our lives, it is rampant among Darwin's cheerleaders and misotheists who are protecting their origins mythology. Every change or variation is perceived as "evidence" for evolution, and other factors are ignored or even suppressed (including the number of secular as well as creation scientists who reject cosmic and biological evolution). No evidence for creation or against evolution gets through.

Their evolution machinations get...truly bizarre. For example, episodes 19 and 20 of "The Complete Creation" by Ian Juby show how peer-reviewed papers that present inconvenient radiometric dates are dismissed, then replaced with fake science that favors evolution.

Keep the pressure on by asking why the need for faulty research, bad peer review, dishonesty, and outright fraud if evolution were true.
I reckon we all know the reason for preserving evolution in all its paganism-in-a-lab-coat glory. They presuppose that science must be through atheistic naturalism, so they deceive themselves and others about the Creator's very existence. The truth and real science are on our side. No, evolution has not been proven. A useful article (actually, a book chapter) for your perusal is "Hasn’t Evolution Been Proven True?"