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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pirate Christian Radio and Question Evolution Day

The third of three audio interviews I did is the first to be released. I was excited to be on Chris Rosebrough's Fighting for the Faith, a production of Pirate Christian Radio. He's excited about Question Evolution Day.

#qed2015 Chris Rosebrough interviewed Cowboy Bob Sorensen about Question Evolution Day on his "Fighting for the Faith" program.
Modified and used with permission.
I reckon it's not exactly right to call this an interview since it was more like a discussion and interview combination. Maybe it's because he's an experienced interviewer that made it seem more like a talk. Anyway, Chris is a very intelligent Christian apologist, and sees the importance of Genesis to Christians; this was the emphasis of our talk. He had some excellent comments. Maybe that was the pastor in him coming out. And we had a few laughs as well.

But my stuff isn't the whole show, the rest of the podcast is definitely worth your attention. Phil Johnson, executive director of "Grace to You", has a strong sermon called "Why I Don't Believe in Atheists", that fits in well with the overall theme. Edit: My apologies to Chris for the noise. I kept fiddling with my microphone cord and not paying attention to it when I moved around, and it made some odd sounds.

You can click here to listen on the site or download the podcast.

Some of the other sites I referred to:

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Bill Nye the Tiresome Anti-Science Guy is a Symptom of a Deeper Problem

Bill Nye does a disservice to the scientific community with his bigotry, poor logic and dreadful use of science. A recent interview shows more of his bad thinking and emotionalism. Nye is not the problem, he's a symptom.

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  

This may come as a shock to anti-creationists, but Bill Nye is not a threat to the Bible or biblical creation science. He thinks he's on a crusade for "science", and so do many of his fans. If those things he opposed were actually wrong, and if Nye was capable of understanding science and logic in the first place, then he might make some valid points. His cheering section frequently shows disunderstanding of science, logic, philosophy, and more, so they are enablers that encourage his bad behavior.

I'm on record for saying that in the big debate with Ken Ham that he used terrible logic. But that's okay for people who want to defend "science" (that is, equivocating "evolution" with "science") from the big, bad creationists who want people to use critical thinking and actually examine the evidence. (Rabid evolutionists tell you what to think, many creationists like me want to tell you how to think.) People who think should be embarrassed by not only Nye's antics in the debate as well as in the present, but also by his fans who think he is brilliant. For that matter, some insist that Nye won the debate, despite his constant misrepresentations, question-dodging, logical fallacies and dishonesty.

I've said before that someone who wants to promote real science would not be interested in suppressing contrary viewpoints, because science thrives on development; maintaining the status quo is counterproductive. He does not know what the Bible teaches, his knowledge of creation science is dismal, and he has serious flaws in his understanding of science itself.

Why do some people think Nye is brilliant? He is a celebrity that ridicules Christians and biblical creationists. It's much easier than dealing with things intelligently. I think I see why he kept getting rejected for astronaut employment at NASA, that requires logical thinking instead of appealing to emotion. But no, they buy his propaganda book, even though it is loaded with falsehoods. (Some don't even need to read it to know that the book is right and the mean old creationist critics are wrong! For that matter, they "know" what a creationist is going to say, so they don't bother to read books, articles, watch videos, and so on. But I digress.) I recommend that you read "UndeNYEably Uninformed" for more information on his dishonesty, bad science, and faulty reasoning.

Bill Nye is all sound and fury, signifying nothing of consequence to real science. Sort of like the odd horse that wanders by the corral at night and agitates the horses inside. He is also typical of so many of his ilk: they attack, appeal to emotion, misrepresent, lie outright, resort to slander and libel, lots of emotional appeal, but have no substance. Nye, Tyson, Krauss and others are one of the reasons that Question Evolution Day is necessary (click here for more information).

An enthusiastic but somewhat obstreperous supporter of Question Evolution Day posted in a "debate" group on Facebook. ("Debate" here means "atheists gang up on creationists".) Naturally, their reactions were venomous. After their poor thinking was displayed in a post on a different Facebook Page, the post was removed and they banned the creationist — and atheopaths accuse us of fear and censorship.

Question Evolution Day, Why?Outreach, Star Trek, Borg
"Meme" at upper right made a Imgur. Frame and other enhancements (improvements!) from Why?Outreach.
Nye was in an interview where he was given easy questions and made to look good. The fawning didn't fool thinking people.
National Geographic gives Bill Nye the Science Guy an open mike to make unchallenged generalities, with feeling.

In a “Book Talk” segment, National Geographic writer Jane J. Lee let her bias known right in the headline and sub-heading: “Why Bill Nye Calls Evolution ‘Undeniable’ and Creationism ‘Inane’: Darwin’s theory explains so much of the world, from bumblebees to human origins, says the Science Guy.

Jane threw softball questions to Bill Nye about his new book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. She began by reviewing Nye’s debate with Ken Ham: but don’t expect equal time for Ham in this piece, nor any quotes from the hundreds of books in the Answers in Genesis bookstore at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, where the debate was held last February (2/04/14). Instead, she let Nye trash creationism with emotional remarks like, “The inanity took my breath away.”

Emotionalism and storytelling is actually a running theme in Nye’s responses. He’s proud of it. Scientific facts are sorely lacking in the article; instead, evolution is portrayed in broad brush strokes as a fact beyond debate. Nye is so passionate about crushing this “inane” worldview, he doesn’t need facts. He needs to attack it with emotion. Here are some examples with references to fallacies defined in the Baloney Detector:
Not so fast. To read the examples, you'll have to go to the source: "Bill Nye Admits to Propagating Evolution Via Emotional Stories". I wonder if someone will ever interview him with serious questions instead of just coddling him.

Meanwhile, the anti-creationist and anti-Christian activities are becoming more aggressive.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not So Stupid Early Man Flusters Evolutionists

Darwin's fantasy of evolution keeps getting shredded by further discoveries. Humans were supposed to be stupid brutes because they were fresh from evolving. Not hardly.

Most of us know the basics of the Darwinian evolution tall tale. Simple critters became more advanced, became apes and things, supposedly humans and apes branched off from the failed evolutionary tree, "primitive" humans hadn't been evolving very long, so they were stupid brutes. Not hardly. Paleontologists and anthropologists keep finding things out of place in their timelines, and they have to keep rewriting the stories because traits and skills evolved "too soon". In reality, God man man fully functional and very intelligent, as people should realize as they keep finding post-Flood human artifacts.
In the evolutionary scheme, man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and slowly increased in intelligence and technical ability from the ‘Paleolithic’, through the ‘Mesolithic’, and into the ‘Neolithic’ over a few million years. However, further discoveries in archeology are showing that ancient man of the Pleistocene and Holocene (the past 10,000 years), assuming the evolutionary/uniformitarian scheme of earth history, is becoming more intelligent.
To read the rest, click on "Post-Flood man continues to become smarter".

Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman is four years old on February 5, 2015.
This Weblog is four years old today, with over 1,000 posts and articles!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is the Biblical "Flying Fiery Serpent" a Pteranodon?

Many people dismiss the idea that dinosaurs and people could have lived at the same time. Most are conditioned to think that way because they're constantly told dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. Microbes-to-man evolutionists need millions of years because their paradigm is threatened, else evolution can't happen on a young earth. But they have to come up with creative excuses when confronted with evidence from history and possible recent sightings of dinosaur-like creatures. When all else fails, some anti-theists resort to calling someone who presents evidence they don't want to face "liars" and "anti science".

The biblical creationist perspective is that dinosaurs were created on Day Six along with man, they went onto the Ark with Noah and the other seven, and eventually died out from various causes. Are dinosaurs extinct, then? Probably. Mostly.

When reading prophetic and apocalyptic material in the Bible, it is easy to read through something and figure it to be a metaphor that meant something to ancient Israel. The prophet Isaiah had some puzzling references that are translated in different ways. Here are some:
  • "Darting snake" in the International Standard Version and the New International Version;
  • "Flying serpent" in the Holman Christian Standard Bible, Lexham English Bible, Revised Standard Version, New American Standard Bible
  • "Flying fiery serpent" in the King James Version, New King James Version, Geneva Bible, American Standard Version, World English Bible

Is a pterosaur described in the Bible? Are they extinct today? Historical accounts and eyewitness testimonies indicate that some may still be around.

It is easy to dismiss this puzzler out of hand or put forward an uneducated conjecture. However, biblical creationists have pointed out that dinosaurs are described in the Bible. Maybe a pterosaur (which is a big problem for evolutionists anyway) is the flying fiery serpent.

Hold your horses, Horatio! This critter is described in historical writings, other literature, eye witness accounts from ancient through modern times, and quite probably in the Bible. Also, the author of the following article (which appeared in the March 2006 peer-reviewed Creation Research Society Quarterly) was involved in an expedition to find the pterosaur.
Over the years Biblical scholars have speculated about the nature of the creature described in the Authorized Version as “the fiery flying serpent.” The nexus of modern archaeological discoveries, ancient historical accounts, and recent cryptozoological research provides new insights into the identification and characteristics of this creature. Moreover interviews and personal observations from the 2004 expedition that I led to Papua New Guinea convinced me that a fiery flying serpent still survives on a remote island there.
You can read this fascinating and informative article by clicking on "The Fiery Flying Serpent". Also, the short post, "Is Papua New Guinea 'The Land that Time Forgot?'" is worth a looksee.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Non-Evolution of Lizards in Florida

A small lizard that is sometimes called the American chameleon can be purchased through mail order, at least in the continental United States. Misleading, because it's not a real chameleon, but a relative that has some similar characteristics. They are more properly called anoles.

Research on anoles in Florida is being presented as evidence of evolution. Not at all, it is simply variation being misrepresented as Darwinian evolution.
Pixabay / JamesDeMers

An experiment over several years was conducted in Florida with green and brown anoles. After all the crawling, jumping, eating of young, change of dwelling preferences and more were done, researchers claimed victory in evolutionary research: some had bigger toes. You'd think those owlhoots would learn to stop being so desperate as to call every variation "evolution", as if it was proof of slime-to-slacker evolution. The Creator designed organisms with the capacity to adapt, after all.
An island competition between two species of anole lizards—in just 20 generations and a mere 15 years—has, evolutionary scientists report, provoked one of them to evolve wider stickier toe pads, the better to grip high branches. Having observed this rapid phenotypic change, the researchers conclude that “real-time studies of evolution can be used to test classic evolutionary hypothesis directly” despite the barrier of deep time.

They write that, because natural selection can produce such rapid changes, “evolutionary hypotheses about phenomena once thought to transpire on time scales too long for direct observation can be tested in real time while using replicated statistical designs.”
You can read about the study and the unfounded speculations of the researchers by clicking on "Is Rapid Lizard Adaptation a Template for Deep-Time Evolution?"

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Crows, Evolution, and Sufficient Caws

My wife and I are amused how brassy the blue jays get when the bird feeder is empty. They'll come up to the big sliding glass door on the patio, look right in, ignore Basement Cat, and yell for more food. They also showed other signs of how smart they can be. When I looked them up, I found that blue jays are related to some other birds that are very smart, such as crows and ravens.

Pixabay / raggio5.
Pixabay / raggio5
Darwinists are troubled by discovering that crows and their relatives are actually more intelligent than expected. It's troubling because they're not simians, and we supposedly evolved from apelike creatures. Birds evolved separately, they say. But to show certain kinds of intelligence is somehow wrong in their paradigm. No matter, they'll just invoke the nonsense term of "convergent evolution", and dismiss the best explanation: God equipped his creation with what was necessary for their survival. No need for nonsense passed off as "science" to get out of facing the truth.

You can read what the noise is about by clicking on "How to Respect a Crow".

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Question Evolution Day is Atheist Nightmare Day (Video)

Wild Bill missed Question Evolution Day last year (it is every year on February 12, Darwin's birthday) and posted an excellent video on March 24, 2013 (which is when I am writing this up). He made some great points in this three-minute video; atheists hate Question Evolution Day because it prompts people to think for themselves. Then there's a bonus music video after his.

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