Not So Stupid Early Man Flusters Evolutionists

Darwin's fantasy of evolution keeps getting shredded by further discoveries. Humans were supposed to be stupid brutes because they were fresh from evolving. Not hardly.

Most of us know the basics of the Darwinian evolution tall tale. Simple critters became more advanced, became apes and things, supposedly humans and apes branched off from the failed evolutionary tree, "primitive" humans hadn't been evolving very long, so they were stupid brutes. Not hardly. Paleontologists and anthropologists keep finding things out of place in their timelines, and they have to keep rewriting the stories because traits and skills evolved "too soon". In reality, God man man fully functional and very intelligent, as people should realize as they keep finding post-Flood human artifacts.
In the evolutionary scheme, man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and slowly increased in intelligence and technical ability from the ‘Paleolithic’, through the ‘Mesolithic’, and into the ‘Neolithic’ over a few million years. However, further discoveries in archeology are showing that ancient man of the Pleistocene and Holocene (the past 10,000 years), assuming the evolutionary/uniformitarian scheme of earth history, is becoming more intelligent.
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