Pirate Christian Radio and Question Evolution Day

The third of three audio interviews I did is the first to be released. I was excited to be on Chris Rosebrough's Fighting for the Faith, a production of Pirate Christian Radio. He's excited about Question Evolution Day.

#qed2015 Chris Rosebrough interviewed Cowboy Bob Sorensen about Question Evolution Day on his "Fighting for the Faith" program.
Modified and used with permission.
I reckon it's not exactly right to call this an interview since it was more like a discussion and interview combination. Maybe it's because he's an experienced interviewer that made it seem more like a talk. Anyway, Chris is a very intelligent Christian apologist, and sees the importance of Genesis to Christians; this was the emphasis of our talk. He had some excellent comments. Maybe that was the pastor in him coming out. And we had a few laughs as well.

But my stuff isn't the whole show, the rest of the podcast is definitely worth your attention. Phil Johnson, executive director of "Grace to You", has a strong sermon called "Why I Don't Believe in Atheists", that fits in well with the overall theme. Edit: My apologies to Chris for the noise. I kept fiddling with my microphone cord and not paying attention to it when I moved around, and it made some odd sounds.

You can click here to listen on the site or download the podcast.

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