Crows, Evolution, and Sufficient Caws

My wife and I are amused how brassy the blue jays get when the bird feeder is empty. They'll come up to the big sliding glass door on the patio, look right in, ignore Basement Cat, and yell for more food. They also showed other signs of how smart they can be. When I looked them up, I found that blue jays are related to some other birds that are very smart, such as crows and ravens.

Pixabay / raggio5.
Pixabay / raggio5
Darwinists are troubled by discovering that crows and their relatives are actually more intelligent than expected. It's troubling because they're not simians, and we supposedly evolved from apelike creatures. Birds evolved separately, they say. But to show certain kinds of intelligence is somehow wrong in their paradigm. No matter, they'll just invoke the nonsense term of "convergent evolution", and dismiss the best explanation: God equipped his creation with what was necessary for their survival. No need for nonsense passed off as "science" to get out of facing the truth.

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