Is the Biblical "Flying Fiery Serpent" a Pteranodon?

Many people dismiss the idea that dinosaurs and people could have lived at the same time. Most are conditioned to think that way because they're constantly told dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. Microbes-to-man evolutionists need millions of years because their paradigm is threatened, else evolution can't happen on a young earth. But they have to come up with creative excuses when confronted with evidence from history and possible recent sightings of dinosaur-like creatures. When all else fails, some anti-theists resort to calling someone who presents evidence they don't want to face "liars" and "anti science".

The biblical creationist perspective is that dinosaurs were created on Day Six along with man, they went onto the Ark with Noah and the other seven, and eventually died out from various causes. Are dinosaurs extinct, then? Probably. Mostly.

When reading prophetic and apocalyptic material in the Bible, it is easy to read through something and figure it to be a metaphor that meant something to ancient Israel. The prophet Isaiah had some puzzling references that are translated in different ways. Here are some:
  • "Darting snake" in the International Standard Version and the New International Version;
  • "Flying serpent" in the Holman Christian Standard Bible, Lexham English Bible, Revised Standard Version, New American Standard Bible
  • "Flying fiery serpent" in the King James Version, New King James Version, Geneva Bible, American Standard Version, World English Bible

Is a pterosaur described in the Bible? Are they extinct today? Historical accounts and eyewitness testimonies indicate that some may still be around.

It is easy to dismiss this puzzler out of hand or put forward an uneducated conjecture. However, biblical creationists have pointed out that dinosaurs are described in the Bible. Maybe a pterosaur (which is a big problem for evolutionists anyway) is the flying fiery serpent.

Hold your horses, Horatio! This critter is described in historical writings, other literature, eye witness accounts from ancient through modern times, and quite probably in the Bible. Also, the author of the following article (which appeared in the March 2006 peer-reviewed Creation Research Society Quarterly) was involved in an expedition to find the pterosaur.
Over the years Biblical scholars have speculated about the nature of the creature described in the Authorized Version as “the fiery flying serpent.” The nexus of modern archaeological discoveries, ancient historical accounts, and recent cryptozoological research provides new insights into the identification and characteristics of this creature. Moreover interviews and personal observations from the 2004 expedition that I led to Papua New Guinea convinced me that a fiery flying serpent still survives on a remote island there.
You can read this fascinating and informative article by clicking on "The Fiery Flying Serpent". Also, the short post, "Is Papua New Guinea 'The Land that Time Forgot?'" is worth a looksee.