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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Field Mustard Plants and False Evolution Claims

There is a plant known as Brassica rapa, but it has subspecies that have more familiar names including field mustard. Botanists decided to do some experimenting on the field mustard and pollination, and commenced to not only violating evolutionary dogma, but affirming a creation science biological model.

Botanists did some research on field mustard and claimed to see evolution. Not only is evolution absent, but they affirmed a creation science biological model.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / TeunSpaans (CC by-SA 3.0)
The botanists assumed evolution to prove evolution (circular reasoning), but also made untrue statements. There was no evidence of evolution, just small modifications. Magical mystical "environmental pressures" were assumed as well.

However, the continuous environmental tracking model that you have been reading about here has been demonstrated in research and is more scientific than Darwinian selectionism. More specifically, instead of external influences, our Creator used engineering principles and designed living things to quickly adapt.
A recent study on a plant in the mustard family (Brassica Rapa) provides evidence that plants continuously track environmental changes both in real time and across generations. Brassica Rapa utilize regulated innate mechanisms to produce “rapid” and highly tailored responses to the presence of pollinating bees, leaf-eating caterpillars, and the combined activities of both simultaneously.
To read the entire article, click on "Rapid Changes in Plants Demonstrate Innate Tracking". Also, a related article is available, "Plants Show Engineering Principles".

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Surface Tension and your Lungs

Take a deep breath. Doing that is a voluntary action, but most of our breathing happens involuntarily — which is a good thing, otherwise we would have to focus on that and never sleep. The Master Engineer designed the complex actions of our lungs to keep us going.

While getting water in our lungs is undesirable, some has actually been placed there by the Master Engineer to optimize their functions.
Credit: Pixabay / toubibe
There are many factors in play that could not have come together through evolutionary processes. While water in the lungs causes drowning, we do have water in there by design. It actually helps the complicated breathing and oxygenation process through surface tension. However, sometimes the surface tension is reduced by cells at certain times as needed.
For our lungs to expand and contract during breathing, they must somehow be attached to our chest cavity and diaphragm yet slip effortlessly against these surfaces. This is accomplished by a thin layer of watery liquid called pleural fluid between the lungs’ outer surface and the chest cavity lining. Pleural fluid serves both as a lubricant and as an attachment by means of surface tension. Pleural fluid is over 90% water, which has a high surface tension. It is the surface tension of water that causes wet sheets of glass to stick together and permits water strider insects to walk on water.
To read the entire article or download the audio version, click on "Water in Your Lungs—What a Relief".

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Monday, June 3, 2019

More Regarding Our Young Solar System

Naturalists are riding the cosmic cougar and are afraid to jump off. Like their late high priest Stephen Hawking, they are committed to the Big Bang and an ancient cosmos even though the evidence supports recent creation. So they keep on a-riding that false paradigm.

Secularists continue desperately seeking rescuing devices and building on deep time beliefs. However, the evidences for a young solar system continue to accumulate.
Europa water vapor plumes
Credits: NASA / ESA / W. Sparks (STScI) / USGS Astrogeology Science Center
(Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
One jasper is so committed to his deep time mythology that he thinks the space cigar rock ‘Oumuamua destroys all of biblical creation science. Not hardly! Not only is this kind of a sweeping concept completely irrational (also, scientists know very little about ‘Oumuamua), a such a belief also requires ignoring all of the accumulated evidence for a youthful cosmos.

People like that continue to ride that puzzled paradigm puma of evolution, fearful of the truth they must face if they fall off or dismount, so they are desperately seeking rescuing devices. That is indeed unfortunate, because believing the truth of the Creator's work is far more rational. Recent news includes a whole passel of widely scattered evidence that "should not" be there according to secular beliefs, but fit right well with biblical creation. To read about these, click on "Young Solar System Evidence Pops Up Everywhere". You will probably like another that will tell you all about what's shaking: the moon. Yep, moonquakes provide "More Evidence Our Moon Is Young".

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Geology and the Young Earth

In discussion about the age of the earth, people generally assume that this here planet of ours is plenty old, somewhere around four to five billion years. How do we know? Because scientists said so. How do they know? Through picking data they like and rejecting those that are incompatible with the deep time that Darwin requires.

Secular geologists tell you that the earth is billions of years old. They ignore the facts supporting recent creation and the Genesis Flood. Here are four of those.
Credit: freestocks.org / Joanna Malinowska
Secular scientists generally adhere to uniformitarianism (slow and gradual processes over a millions or billions of years), and reject evidence for the Genesis Flood. There are many evidences for the young earth that can be seen perusing this site alone, and these link to other sites with a wagon train-load of material on this subject as well as others affirming recent creation. We'll keep it simple today with an overview of four important evidence from geology for the young earth and the global Flood.
Most people believe rock layers require millions of years to form. This assumption has been taught as fact to geology students and the public for generations. In reality, rocks of any type can and do form quickly under the right conditions.
This article reviews four geological evidences that point to a young world. Collectively, this strong evidence also tips the scale in favor of a 6,000-year-old earth. The scientific data demonstrate that our world’s sedimentary rocks cannot be millions of years old.
To read the rest, click on "Four Geological Evidences for a Young Earth".

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Microevolution and Biblical Apologetics

While many creationists use the word microevolution, it is conspicuously absent from this site. That is because this word is misleading, and believers in minerals-to-microbiologist use it to imply that if there is a little evolution, then that leads to much (or macro) evolution. It does not work that way, and many biblical creationists advise against using the words micro- and macroevolution.

What is considered microevolution is actually variation and speciation. Creationists don't get on the prod with those terms because they are not only observed in nature, but they support biblical creation science models (see "How Do Evolutionists Hijack Real Science?" for an example). Evolutionists see variations as evidence for evolution, such as in antibiotic resistance.

Variations are essentially horizontal changes, but you must remember this, a fish is still a fish, a fly is still a fly, and so on, even though time goes by. They're pulling the ol' bait 'n' switch, conflating small changes with full-blown evolution where a fish evolves into a fool. These variations do not involve the addition of new genetic information. It may be shuffled a bit, but nowhere near the amount needed to make Darwin's dreams come true.

The article linked below has two parts, and I've already given some thoughts about the first section. Later, the author discusses biblical apologetics. Although the term presuppositional apologetics is not used, several examples of it are given. Presuppositionalists are none to keen on letting scoffers take control of the discussion, and we want to keep them on the subject. Ask them key questions. Avoid the mythological "neutral ground". More importantly, we do not cede authority to naturalism or their opinions because God's Word is our ultimate authority. The Bible is also supported by observed evidence.
Bible-believers get confused with the terms “micro-evolution” versus “macro-evolution.”  They are misleading, at least the phrase “micro-evolution” is, because it is being misused.
Evolutionists are fond of citing things that can happen without evolution being true, and then citing those very same things as “proofs” of evolution being true. Darwin speculated endlessly, starting most of his arguments with the phrase, “Let us now suppose.”
This still happens.
This is self-deception at best, and lying at worst. Evolutionists will say that since you look different from your grandparents, then that’s “proof” of evolution. And who can deny there are over 200 breeds of dogs? That’s “evolution” too, they’ll say. If these observable things were all that they are asking us to believe, if that’s all there is to “evolution,” then we could believe in “evolution.”
But that’s not all they mean by “evolution.” Evolution doesn’t just say that humans have changed or that Collies and Dachshunds are cousins. It says that worms became bald eagles, and that fish became dinosaurs, Collies, and people; and that people were once monkeys! The gross misrepresentation they say about “micro-evolution” is this: if you just “stretch this process out over billions of years, then you can easily see how this makes all the rest of the evolutionary model true, too.”
No. It doesn’t.
I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest of this article by Dr. Charles Jackson. To do so, click on "Micro 'Evolution' or, How to Use Jesus’ Apologetics".

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dinosaurs and Birds Lived Together

Those scientists who never bought into the dinosaurs-evolved-into-birds mythology probably get exasperated by hearing the majority opinion proclaimed. However, they may also feel a bit vindicated by the numerous reports that show such evolution is impossible — not that they are fond of supporting creation, however.

There are many problems with dinosaur-to-bird evolution. More findings indicate that actual birds lived with dinosaurs.
Assembled using components from Clker clipart
If you study on it or read previous posts here, you might realize that they are asking a lot in the first place. After all, feathers are complex, lungs would have to change, bone structures rearranged and redeveloped, flight itself would have to develop, and more. There is simply no evidence for such evolution. Then we have conflicts with the timeline, such as fully-functional birds living alongside dinosaurs. The truth is that God created dinosaurs and birds separately, and didn't consult Darwin.
Several aspects of the dinosaur-to-bird evolution don’t make sense in the light of evolution.
Museums and park displays show the public dioramas of dinosaurs going extinct 65 million years ago. After the asteroid strike (or volcanoes) did in the dinosaurs, birds really took off, diversifying into the great variety of birds we have today. Does this match the evidence? First, the news.
To read the rest, click on "Birds with Modern Traits Flew Over Dinosaurs".

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Detangling DNA

The article featured below reminds me of when Stormie Waters was out prospecting and ran afoul of some of the hands at the Darwin Ranch. Why she was wearing that string of pearls, I have no idea, but they made it into a tangled mess. I was unable to help and tried cutting it. You can guess where the pearls went: all over the floor. (I've had more success with Christmas tree lights or rope tangles.) Too bad she didn't have a motor handy like those that detangle DNA.

DNA must be unpacked from cells, detangled, and read. The Master Engineer created amazing complex motors to perform these tasks.
Credit: Freeimages / Miguel Saavedra
DNA is amazingly complex and relatively large, but it is packed away in cells. To be useful, it has to be unpacked, detangled, and read. Our Master Engineer as instituted DNA helicases to take care of that. The DNA strands are separated, cut (without molecular pearls spilling all over the cell floor), and repaired. This process is extremely fast, and the motors even have the necessary fuel available. The intricacies and specified complexity are impossible for evolutionists to explain.
DNA’s physical dimensions pose many problems that would need to be solved before even the simplest life could function. The double helix is only about 2.5 nanometres (one ten-millionth of an inch) wide—too thin to be seen with any light microscope. (A complete turn of the helix is about 10.5 letters long.) But the whole DNA molecule is extremely long: the largest human chromosome, number 1, is composed of 220 million letters, and would be 85 mm (3.4 in) long if stretched out fully. If all the DNA in your cell were lined up, it would be about 2 m (6–7 feet) long! These enormously long, thin, sticky strands must be packed into a microscopic cell and then maintained without forming a mess of tangles and knots. The cell needs complex machines to do all this. These machines are amazing, complex, and a testimony to the genius of our Creator.
To read the entire amazing article, click on "God’s DNA-detangling motors".

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