Dinosaurs and Birds Lived Together

Those scientists who never bought into the dinosaurs-evolved-into-birds mythology probably get exasperated by hearing the majority opinion proclaimed. However, they may also feel a bit vindicated by the numerous reports that show such evolution is impossible — not that they are fond of supporting creation, however.

There are many problems with dinosaur-to-bird evolution. More findings indicate that actual birds lived with dinosaurs.
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If you study on it or read previous posts here, you might realize that they are asking a lot in the first place. After all, feathers are complex, lungs would have to change, bone structures rearranged and redeveloped, flight itself would have to develop, and more. There is simply no evidence for such evolution. Then we have conflicts with the timeline, such as fully-functional birds living alongside dinosaurs. The truth is that God created dinosaurs and birds separately, and didn't consult Darwin.
Several aspects of the dinosaur-to-bird evolution don’t make sense in the light of evolution.
Museums and park displays show the public dioramas of dinosaurs going extinct 65 million years ago. After the asteroid strike (or volcanoes) did in the dinosaurs, birds really took off, diversifying into the great variety of birds we have today. Does this match the evidence? First, the news.
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