Field Mustard Plants and False Evolution Claims

There is a plant known as Brassica rapa, but it has subspecies that have more familiar names including field mustard. Botanists decided to do some experimenting on the field mustard and pollination, and commenced to not only violating evolutionary dogma, but affirming a creation science biological model.

Botanists did some research on field mustard and claimed to see evolution. Not only is evolution absent, but they affirmed a creation science biological model.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / TeunSpaans (CC by-SA 3.0)
The botanists assumed evolution to prove evolution (circular reasoning), but also made untrue statements. There was no evidence of evolution, just small modifications. Magical mystical "environmental pressures" were assumed as well.

However, the continuous environmental tracking model that you have been reading about here has been demonstrated in research and is more scientific than Darwinian selectionism. More specifically, instead of external influences, our Creator used engineering principles and designed living things to quickly adapt.
A recent study on a plant in the mustard family (Brassica Rapa) provides evidence that plants continuously track environmental changes both in real time and across generations. Brassica Rapa utilize regulated innate mechanisms to produce “rapid” and highly tailored responses to the presence of pollinating bees, leaf-eating caterpillars, and the combined activities of both simultaneously.
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