More Regarding Our Young Solar System

Naturalists are riding the cosmic cougar and are afraid to jump off. Like their late high priest Stephen Hawking, they are committed to the Big Bang and an ancient cosmos even though the evidence supports recent creation. So they keep on a-riding that false paradigm.

Secularists continue desperately seeking rescuing devices and building on deep time beliefs. However, the evidences for a young solar system continue to accumulate.
Europa water vapor plumes
Credits: NASA / ESA / W. Sparks (STScI) / USGS Astrogeology Science Center
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News includes a whole passel of widely scattered evidence that "should not" be there according to secular beliefs, but fit right well with biblical creation. To read about these, click on "Young Solar System Evidence Pops Up Everywhere". You will probably like another that will tell you all about what's shaking: the moon. Yep, moonquakes provide "More Evidence Our Moon Is Young".