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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bill Nye Fallout and Debate Challenge — Part 1

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited 3-18-2017
Because Nye has engaged AiG in a public way, and after some extreme hostility by secularists directed at Drs. Purdom and Menton that showed up on websites and Facebook pages, I decided to do two things: 1. post my second Nye video on YouTube, viewable on a recent blog; and 2. extend an invitation to Mr. Nye to a public debate on evolution vs. creation.
Ken Ham
I am going to be blunt. But this is no surprise to my regular readers.

This week, we are going to take a break from the scientific evidence that refutes evolution and affirms creation so we can look at some more philosophical ideas. There is an announcement to be made and some points to prove about bad attitudes. (One Facebook comment contained the Stalinesque remark, "Evolution is a fact, and participation is mandatory".)

Any skilled totalitarian knows that long-term success involved capturing the minds of children. Proponents of evolution are willing to lie to children to accomplish their ends. Bill Nye is a darling of evolutionists, since he is loudly advocating their belief system to children, and attacking creationists, including with a recent video. Creationist organizations (and others) responded to his propagandistic falsehoods.

One of the respondents was creationist molecular biologist Dr. Georgia Purdom of "Answers in Genesis". She received vituperative attacks, especially on Facebook. She was called a "coward" for deleting their childish nonsense. In addition, that bastion of accurate and unbiased reporting, the Huffington Post, made blatantly inaccurate statements about her that could be considered dishonest.

There is now a public challenge to a debate between Dr. Purdom and Bill Nye. Is Bill Nye going to accept the challenge? Oh, sweet suspense! (Fundamentalist evolutionists are already making excuses for Nye, of course. Reminds me of the fiasco of Richard Dawkins' excuses to avoid debating philosopher William Lane Craig.) It appears that the debate is not about hardcore science per se, but more along philosophical lines. If Nye wants to attempt to do science, I am certain that Dr. Purdom will accommodate him.

On a personal level, because I expressed support on Facebook by commenting on posts by Dr. Purdom as "The Question Evolution Project", an angry anti-creationist got the bit between his teeth and went charging at full gallop. Normally, I detest naming small-time trolls because they crave attention, but when they become so aggressive and petulant that they commence criminal cyberstalking, spamming and other harassment, I will make an exception.

Actually, since this became rather long, I do not want to detract from the challenge to Bill Nye. Part 2 is here.

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