"Junk" DNA and Bad Science

You would think that evolutionists would learn from their mistakes regarding "vestigial organs" (claiming that if they could not see a use for them, well, they must be leftovers from our evolutionary past), then finding out that things considered "useless" and "leftover" are not so useless after all. Similarly, Intelligent Design proponents and creationists have been saying for years that the claim that "junk DNA" exists is absurd.

Can you imagine the scientific and medical advances that would have been possible if people had a proper view of DNA instead of assuming that evolutionism is true?

Both the "vestigial organs" and the "junk DNA" beliefs are base based on arrogance and assumptions. First, that scientists know enough about the extreme complexity of life to be able to declare something "useless". Second, they are interpreting the data through their fundamentally flawed evolutionary worldviews. When more evidence is found, evolutionists are embarrassed. Scientists have learned quite a bit, and one of the things they learned (which they should have been humble enough to admit before) is that there is much more to learn.
At least 80% of the human genome is functional, scientists now say, based on a genetic survey called ENCODE that may force reassessment of what a gene is.
The big news in human genetics this week is the publication of results by the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) consortium, “the most ambitious human genetics project to date,” and what it reveals about function in the human genome.  When the human genome was first published, scientists were surprised that only about 3% of it coded for proteins.  That was before they knew about all the coded information in the “epigenome,” which includes RNA transcripts that regulate the code.  The new results show that at least 80% of the human genome is, in fact, functional, rendering the evolutionary notion of “junk DNA” (leftovers from our evolutionary past) incorrect.  Evolutionists themselves are writing the “eulogy for junk DNA.”
There is so much buzz about this story that came out in Nature this week, all we can do is list some of the more prominent headlines.  References to Nature are from the 26 September 2012 issue, volume 489, no. 54.  Popular reports in the news media are too numerous to list.
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