Hierarchy, Genetics and Evolutionary Metaphysics

The more scientists learn about genetics and DNA, the more evolutionists must spin metaphysical, non-scientific tales to explain their findings. But God forbid that the majority of them admit that their discoveries point to a Creator instead of supporting time, chance, mutations and other fantasies.
Ever since Mendelian genetics was incorporated into Darwinism, evolutionists have believed that the gene is king. Genes, they thought, determine an organism’s design or, in technical jargon, the genotype specifies the phenotype. This fit their view that the species originated from the natural selection of biological change which did not arise initially as a consequence of need but rather as a consequence of random, spontaneous events. Those random, spontaneous, events were, for example, mutations in the genes. And later when the genetic code, which translates the information in those genes into proteins, was found to be essentially universal throughout biology, the story seemed complete. For if the species were designed why would their genetic codes be identical? But today, so many problems with this story have emerged it is difficult to keep track. And new research continues to add yet more problems.

Aside from the non scientific claims underlying evolution’s metaphysics (what scientific experiment informed evolutionists that independently created species would necessarily have different genetic codes?), the empirical science has contradicted evolution’s story at every turn. Genes are not king, mutations show no sign of creating biology’s marvels in spite of evolutionist’s many attempts to coax them to show off their power, the genetic code has special properties and shows no sign of having been a “frozen accident,” and all kinds of new codes have been discovered that are not universal but instead are lineage-specific.
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