Human-Chimp DNA Similarity: Not So Similar

morgueFile/hotblack (modified)
Adherents of evolutionism take great pride in announcing the alleged similarities between human and chimpanzee DNA. Such boasting is arrogant, as if scientists had full knowledge of DNA. But it is also misleading, because of selective citing from less than four percent of the genome. Also, once again, the conclusion that "Humans and chimps have similar DNA, so we must have evolved from a common ancestor" is simply an illustration of using bad scientific techniques to force-fit data into evolutionary presuppositions. Further examination reveals that such claims are the opposite of the truth.
Evolutionary biologists argue that since human and chimp DNA are nearly identical, both species must have evolved from a common ancestor. However, creation scientists have pointed out that their DNA is, in fact, very dissimilar. The vast majority of each species' DNA sequence is not genes, but instead regulated gene expression. A new report unmistakably confirmed that the regulatory DNA of humans is totally different from that of chimps, revealing no hint of common ancestry.
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