Darwinist Punished for Living Like a Darwinist

There are a couple of things that stand out regarding disgraced evolutionary scientist Marc Hauser.

First, his unethical approaches to science were not caught for several years. When he was caught, it turns out that he had numerous infractions — and then he complained that the stuff he did that was "right" would also be called into question. Well, that happens when a boy falsely cries, "Wolf!", he is no longer believed, even if he is right.

Chimpanzee, morgueFile / seeka
Second, so what? Isn't evolution about the "survival of the fittest"? Cheating to get ahead is a natural result of Darwinist philosophies (as are eugenics, abortion, communism and more). In this philosophy, Hauser was only living the evolutionary philosophy. What's the big deal?
Nature News reported: “Former Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser has admitted to making ‘mistakes’ in his research that led to findings of research misconduct announced today by the US Office of Research Integrity, which polices research funded by the National Institutes of Health.”

Hauser’s confession is reported by the Boston Globe. He admitted some mistakes, but stood by most of his work: “I am saddened that this investigation has caused some to question all of my work, rather than the few papers and unpublished studies in question.”

The Harvard Magazine, though, printed a substantial list of misconduct investigators found, including fabricating data and falsely describing results.
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