Creationists In Space

From some of the comments I have seen, there are anti-creationists who really would like to see creationists in space. All of us. Now. So we can stop troubling evolutionists with the facts and real science.

One of the most amazing examples of atheistic bigotry and ignorance was in a comment, paraphrasing: "When you're miles above the Earth, you don't want your fate in the hands of someone that believes in fairy tales like the Bible". Not only did this guy display massive ignorance of creationist beliefs and capabilities, but seemed willingly ignorant of the fact that there are many creationist scientists.

Back to my original point, creationists have indeed been in space. To cite my article and supporting links on "Atheists Can't Protest Everything":
There are followers of Jesus who have been on space missions. What I think will be the biggest irritant of all [to atheists who protest things] is the fact that Bibles were taken on NASA missions to the moon, and many astronauts were people of great faith. Although they were on microfilm, Edgar Mitchell had the written Word of God with him on the moon. Also, the Lord's Supper was observed on the lunar surface. Dave Scott left a Bible on the Rover on the Apollo 15 mission, and the astronauts did a brief but touching ceremony for astronauts and cosmonauts who had died . Guess if atheists want to protest, they can do it all they want. But if they want that Bible removed, they'll have to go and get it. Not that they'll get popular support, capice?

NASA / Click for larger image
One creationist astronaut in particular, Colonel James Irwin, was a biblical creationist who spent time encouraging creation science and urging people to stand up for the truth. Note the science stuff he did, too.
James Benson Irwin (March 17, 1930–August 8, 1991), an American astronaut and scientist, was lunar module pilot for Apollo 15 on the fourth human lunar landing and was the eighth person to walk on the moon.
From childhood, Irwin dreamed of going to the moon. After receiving a B.S. in naval science from the United States Naval Academy and a M.S. in aeronautical engineering from the University of Michigan, Irwin graduated from the Air Force Experimental Test Pilot School and the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School. In preparation for becoming an astronaut, he studied geology, astronomy, and spacecraft design, as well as lunar geology. Though a skeptic during his educational years, after extensive research, Irwin became convinced creation was true and Darwinism false.
Apollo 15
Irwin realized his boyhood goal as part of the 1971 Apollo 15 flight. Called “exploration at its greatest,” the mission targeted the moon’s Hadley-Apennine region, an area noted for its high mountains and deep valleys. After reaching orbit, the lunar module, Falcon, separated from the command module,Endeavour, and transported the researchers to the moon’s surface. Irwin’s tasks were more science-based than those of previous expeditions, and he spent more time on the moon than astronauts in earlier missions. Between July 26 and August 7, Irwin logged over 295 hours as the Falcon pilot. He also spent over 18 hours of extravehicular activity on the moon’s surface, with a total lunar stay of over 66 hours.
You can read the rest of the article if you blast off over to "Colonel James Irwin: Creationist Astronaut". I did mention that they left a Bible on the moon, yes?