Comics for Evolution Propaganda

Comics have a connotation for being entertainment for people of lower intellects. It may be true in some instances, but comics have become very sophisticated in their storylines and artwork. They are also used to make statements, just as television, movies and other entertainment media are used for social, political and religious commentary. Comics were used for propaganda purposes, and were famous for that in World War II and onward.

They can be used for good purposes:
Kirk Hastings, The Question Evolution Project, Piltdown Superman
This was a gift to me from Kirk Hastings, author of What Is Truth?

And they can be used for not such good purposes, such as promoting leftist political agendas like global warming and evolutionism. NASA is doing just this.
A federally-funded NASA website about astrobiology has just launched an evolutionary comic strip.  Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer funds?
The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa” was announced by NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine on November 4.  This was not the first attempt at the comic-book genre (see category “Astrobio Comics” on the site), but promises to be an ongoing series.  The intent is to add some colorful adventure to topics like alien life and global warming.
Our new comic strip, “The Abominable Snow Aliens of Europa,” imagines what aliens from Europa might look like, and also shows what might happen if such creatures developed a space program and other advanced technology. Will “Europe-ans” visit Earth as part of a Cold War space race of their own, similar to our Apollo missions to the Moon? Would they, perhaps, quest to better understand [sic] their solar system, like with our many missions to Mars? Or do they have other motivations that are entirely alien to our own?
Since their nondiscovery precludes any knowledge of what they think, this is purely an exercise in imagination at best, and indoctrination at worst.  The writers and illustrators will slip in their own beliefs on these topics and channel them through imaginary beings to young people.  Some JPL scientists will enter the world of the comic strip to confront the aliens in this imagination-fest.
You can read the rest at "NASA Astrobiologists Draw Comics on the Job".