Primitive People Hit the Road

The concept of primitive people being stupid brutes communicating with grunts and monosyllables is actually based on evolutionary biases. After all, they had recently evolved from apelike creatures and could not be all that clever in the first place. (Why do you think the "ancient astronauts" stories became so popular? The ancient people needed help building those amazing structures way back when.) Cavemen and evolving humanoids look good in museums of evolutionary propaganda, though.

A different story emerges when the Bible is taken seriously as history. (Remember, the Hittites were unknown outside the Bible until about 1906. Mockers had to eat their words.) Here, we learn that man is made in God's image, and people were intelligent from the start. Archaeology supports the fact that ancient people were not nearly as dense as evolutionary conjectures make them seem.

According to the popular viewpoint, the primitives in Britain were subjugated by the Romans, who gave them civilization. But roads were discovered beneath the Roman roads. And they were well-made. This is another discovery that defies evolutionary biases.
Archaeologists uncovered the remains of a well-maintained and well-built British road beneath an ancient Roman road in 2011. This evidence contrasts what modern texts teach about primitive-pagan peoples inhabiting the land before Caesar conquered it and even draws into question the long ages of human development suggested by evolution.
The ancient road, just south of Shrewsbury, was cobbled and even engineered with a camber for draining off water. The Daily Mail reported, "[It] even has a kerb fence system to hold the edge in place." Researchers used carbon-dating to determine its pre-Roman status.
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