Evolutionary Storytelling, Hilarity Ensues

It is understandable, even expected, that people will interpret evidence according to their worldviews. Unfortunately, Darwin's Cheerleaders will promote evolutionism even when it is absurd to do so. The "Just So Stories" read like parody, but are actually meant to be taken seriously. Worse than that, some research is dreadfully bad, with spurious results proclaimed as if they were triumphs of scientific discovery.

Irresponsible reporting and bad research are enthusiastically swallowed by the evolutionary faithful. Anti-creationists, ever vigilant to find something to throw at creationists and Intelligent Design proponents, cite these "results" as evidence for evolution. Using wording that means "EvolutionDidIt" becomes both laughable and tiresome.

The greatest irony is that if they stepped back from their biases for a while, they might realize just how humorous much of their material actually sounds to thinking people.

Biblical creationists do not need to grasp at straws or conduct bad science.
When evolution is seen as a storytelling game rather than a serious attempt at scientific explanation, it suddenly makes sense.
The goal in evolutionary theory is to fit any observation into a predetermined narrative – one of universal common ancestry by blind, unguided processes.  Since no human ever sees functioning, complex, specified information coming into being that way, evolutionary theory is guaranteed to generate implausible stories.  The stories only seem plausible when evolution is first assumed, and all other possible explanations are excluded.  If this seems backward to science’s ideal of letting the evidence speak for itself, it has one redeeming virtue: it’s funny.
 You can read the six absurdities at "Snakes on a Brain, and Other Evolutionary Stories".