Still Monkeying Around with Alleged Human Fossils

People have the illusion that scientists are dispassionate and are willing to accept the evidence. Tampering? Fabrication? Sloppy science? Outright fraud? No way! At least, they have learned their lessons from the past.

That'll be the day.

Prestige and money make scientists just as avaricious as us regular folks. People leave comments at The Question Evolution Project proclaiming the virtues of science (apparently their religion is Scientism) and spewing anti-creationist vitriol, seemingly unaware that the scientific community is not full of beings that are above the rest of us in intellect an morality.

For example, yet again, sensationalistic reporting from incomplete evidence regarding our alleged evolutionary ancestors is an embarrassment. Of course, biblical creationists do not have to deal with faking it to get money and applause; we just have to tell it like it really is. Evolutionists do have a good propaganda machine, though. And yes, "evolutionist" is a real word.
An international team of paleoanthropologists reported discovering the earliest human fossils found outside Africa at a dig in the country of Georgia. The team told Science that one specimen, "skull 5," is so different from other humans that it significantly widens the range of variation within ancient mankind. The Guardian wrote that among the human remains in Dmanisi researchers found a "spectacular fossilised skull of an ancient human ancestor," but there is actually more proof against this claim.
The team found clearly human skeleton parts, along with five skulls or partial skulls. Even though skull 5 has several key features resembling an ape, not a human, the Science study authors wrote, "Skull 5 is probably associated with the postcranial [bones located below the head] elements of an adult individual with nearly modern human body proportions."
The only definitive support for this connection is the statement that the skull and human bones "probably" match—and nothing more. This means they may not actually belong together. And the seven observations below indicate this might be another case of evolutionist experts mistakenly associating ape fossils for those of humans. Skull 5 does not ID as a human for the following reasons:
Just a "heads up", you can cogitate on the rest of "New 'Human' Fossil Borders on Fraud".