Audio Download — Real Science Radio Discussion

Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart, Fred Williams, Creation Science, Evolution"Greetings to the brightest audience in the country." I'm the QED Guy! Let me explain this audio.

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to return to the airwaves from Bob Enyart Live. The first time, it was indeed live. This time, it was recorded. Looks like I was promoted, too. "Real Science Radio" has science discussions, and there are often interviews with real scientists. Guess my material on logical fallacies was worthwhile. Or he mixed up the recordings and played it on the wrong day.

This discussion on logical fallacies, atheists and evolutionists was the final prompt for me to begin making the Piltdown Superman podcasts. (I hesitated to get fully into the logical fallacies series because I did not know when this show would be aired and posted.) Some of the items discussed on this show will be dealt with on the podcast, since Bob and I discussed several things in just a few minutes.

One problem with logical fallacies is that several can be combined or used in sequence. They blend, overlap and are even known by different names. The one using the fallacies may think he or she is offering a devastating argument, but is actually just looking silly (except to friends with a similar mindset).

Early in the discussion, Bob Enyart brought up a comment from someone who was banned from The Question Evolution Project Facebook Page. First, there was grousing about being banned. Then he went into circumstantial ad hominem (I don't know anything about astronomy because I read creationist material), and the remark also contained a genetic fallacy. Perhaps the "it's a pity" remark was a plea for sympathy, but I am only guessing on that part.

I made an odd comment that is unlikely to make sense outside of Colorado. Bob Enyart is a strong supporter of the Personhood Amendment. Referring to "Question Evolution Day", I said, "It's my person", instead of the more common, "It's my baby". From this point, I'll let the material speak for itself. You can listen online or download here.
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