Dinosaur Dishonesty in the Museum

"Go to a museum", they said. "You'll learn a lot about evolution", they said. Yes, creationists have to deal with statements from the evolutionary faithful such as this. They place their faith in natural history museums to present a fair, unbiased picture of evolutionary history.

Even though much of what is seen is conjecture, with exhibits that are artists' conceptions based on little actual fossil or bone evidence.

Makes for interesting stories, though.

Credit: Freeimages / Melissa Squires
For example, how often do you see modern birds displayed with dinosaurs? Seldom, if ever. You see, that would ruin evolutionary dogma. Even though there is disagreement among scientists that dinosaurs evolved into birds, the predominant view is that dinosaurs evolved into birds; you can't be the same age as your ancestor. Many evolutionists are ignorant of the fact that dinosaurs ate birds.

Evolutionary subterfuge and propaganda continues in museums. Even though fossils of modern birds are found with dinosaurs, the birds are conspicuously absent from most exhibits. Creationists do not need to resort to subterfuge because the truth is on our side.

The theory of evolution states that all living creatures arose from a single cell by natural processes over eons of time, and God had nothing to do with this process. According to the theory each animal arose from a different kind of animal over ‘millions of years’. E.g. most evolutionists assert that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs. Finding fossils of modern birds with those of dinosaurs, not just above them, contradicts this idea.
Dr Carl Werner’s book and DVD, Living Fossils, reveals that fossil researchers have found many modern bird remains with dinosaurs, yet museums do not display these fossils, thus keeping this information from the public. By keeping this information hidden, children and adults are indoctrinated with the false idea that animals changed over time (since the time of the dinosaurs), and that evolution is true.
Every time you see a T. rex or a Triceratops in a museum display, you should also see ducks, loons, flamingos or some of these other modern birds that have been found in the same rock layers as these dinosaurs.
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