Shenanigans In Spreading Evolution

In the past, we have seen how the Evo Sith are willing to resort to fraud and lie to students in order to promote evolution. It is no surprise that they are willing to deceive the general public as well. We are given information that is inaccurate, incomplete, sensationalistic — sometimes even promoting information that disproves evolution as evidence for evolution!

Loading up to spread evolutionary propaganda
Image credit: Library of Congress

Shenanigans from evolutionists, I tell you! Unlike evolutionary spin, dung is actually useful.

In this 4-part audio series (about 29 minutes each) on Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart and Fred Williams interview Walter ReMine about some of the illusions presented by evolutionists when they attempt to convince us that evolution is a fact. They also spend time on cladistics and Haldane's Dilemma.

Each page has written information as well as the audio. Links to the shows are below the picture. (One caveat, though. Enyart teaches the false doctrine of Open Theism, so I recommend avoiding his theology links.) The streaming or download links are near the top, like so (click for larger):