An Apology

I fouled up, and I feel quite badly about it. One of my sources of material turned out to hold some theological positions that I cannot condone. I felt that if I used them, I was risking sending people into error if they got involved with this group. Although I will defend creation science and refute evolution, I try very hard to avoid using material from groups that are heretical, apostate, compromisers on the authority of Scripture, unchristian religions, cults and so on. 

But I missed. Several posts are now missing, and some are partial posts because my introductions to the articles had relevant material and links, so I left those in. I want to give God my best service, and I want to give you the best material I can, too. (For that matter, there are articles from reliable sources that I will reject for various reasons.) Another learning experience for me. Sorry for the difficulties.

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen