Genetics — Not a Friend of Evolution

Writing this on Monday, February 3. The big debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye the Anti-Science guy should be over. For the three-year anniversary of this site, here is some science until I get time to write about the debate. The article that I will link is in two parts, the second part is linked at the end of the first where it says "to be continued".

Evolution is an ancient pagan religion. After various attempts to make it appear scientific before and during the nineteenth century, Charles Darwin managed to popularize it in 1859 and 1871. People grabbed evolution as a means to reject God while appearing scientific and intellectual. Darwin taught that natural selection was the basis of changes in species. Creationists also believe in natural selection, as it eliminates organisms that are unfit for certain environments and is scientifically verified. However, traditional Darwinism had to abandon natural selection as a means of molecules-to-man evolution. (Surprisingly, some people are uninformed that they are holding to a belief system that has been left behind for decades; creationists often educate them. Or try to.)
"Chromosome And Dna" by cooldesign /
The new and more correct term is neo-Darwinism because genetics became the great hope for the salvation of evolutionism. Now we hear about DNA and mutations giving rise to more advanced organisms. No mechanism can be seen for this, and the vast majority of mutations are harmful. Some are neutral. Those that can be termed as beneficial are often disputed — a benefit can be seen from one point of view, but the organism is harmed in other ways.

Then there is the problem of information. DNA carries an unbelievable amount of information. Mutations do not add raw material to the information. Genetic changes do three things: Remove existing information, rearrange it or ruin it. Genetics and information do not account for the origin of life itself, either. Like we read in the book of Genesis, creatures reproduce and do not change into other creatures. Genetics and information are the friends of biblical creationists.

[Link removed, I learned that the organization holds theological views that I cannot endorse.]