Audio-Video Podcast 15 — Why Question Evolution Day Matters

Creation science is a very hot topic! The video (or MP3 download) discusses why "Question Evolution Day" is important.
Creation science is a very hot topic these days! 

The debate between Ken Ham and Bill "I Play a Scientist on TV" Nye will happen very soon, Creation Sunday is coming, movies about Noah and the Ark are going to be released (including a creationist version with the real account), the Genesis 3-D movie is in the works, a recent survey shows that people are not accepting evolution nearly as much as atheists would like, a site lamented that 2013 was "a terrible year for evolution".

And there's Question Evolution Day.

Question Evolution Day is, on the surface, about basic human rights: We can say that we question (or reject!) evolution, and should be able to do so without loss of intellectual, academic, professional, speech and other freedoms.

But it is important on deeper levels, including why it is important theologically and that evolution is a foundation to the religion of atheism — both of which are fundamentally flawed. This video discusses why the right to question evolution is important, and how you can be involved. It won't cost you a cent, either! The MP3 version can be downloaded here.