Audio-Video Podcast 18 — Here I Come to Save the Day!

A Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy fanboy was acting like his hero and decided that he needed to set us st00pid dumb Xtians straight and heroically save "science" with his mighty intellect. One of his main objections is my statement that evolutionists do not do their homework. Ironically, he did not do his homework and helped prove my point!

It seemed that he was grousing about "winning" arguments (I believe a lot of this kind of trolling is all about ego). Can't help you, I won't let someone declare a conclusion with faulty premises and bad reasoning. Like Nye, he was full of stuff and nonsense, but he exceeded Nye in non sequiturs and other logical fallacies. I took his diatribe apart, and showed that you can do this too. There were other fallacies I did not bother to address, but I think you will get the idea. The MP3 can be downloaded here.