Questioning the Evolution Propagandists

The mainstream media and the science press have a few things in common. One is the presentation of one-sided news. Both are fond of the sensational stuff, and will be inaccurate to further their worldviews as well as increase sales. Secularists in the science press will take discoveries that are not yet fully analyzed, grab take the speculations of scientists or even make up their own "facts" by twisting or even ignoring actual facts.

When given only one side of the story and getting dishonest with the truth, they go beyond propaganda and into brainwashing. Unfortunately, people are no longer trained to think analytically. Instead, they believe what "scientists say" and "studies show". The more enthusiastic of Darwin's Cheerleaders will call us "liars" for daring to ask questions and show flaws in logic. (Ironically, when they call us liars for presenting evidence that they do not like, they are the ones who are liars, because they are lying about us!) Then they troll creationists and post in forums where they can pretend that they're important.

We do not need guesses and speculations based on evolutionary presuppositions pass off as facts. Nor do we need anti-creationists passing along that same bad information. What needs to be done by thinking people is to show some healthy skepticism to the evolutionist press and ask questions — and demand answers.
Prove it!” used to be the goal of science.  With rampant speculation in the science news media, it’s time to demand accountability.
Some science headlines ask rhetorical questions.  The default answer should be, “No.”
  • Did alien life evolve just after the Big Bang?” (Live Science).  Default answer:  “No.”
  • Did life begin in a drop of water?” (Live Science).  Default answer:  “No.”
  • Talk is cheep:  Do caged birds sing a key to language?” (New Scientist).  Default answer:  “No.”
Some science headlines tease with possibility words like “could” or “may.”  The default response should be, “Maybe not; could not.”
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