Someday, My Antecessor Prints Will Come

Evolutionists should try removing their Darwin spectacles, because their evolutionary presuppositions cause them to see things in a very distorted manner. Homo antecessor has been the recipient of some creative, unusual and possibly even desperate stories.

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Using assumptions that evolution is true, rocks that footprints were found in are a certain number of millions of years old, Homo antecessor lived at that time — this, and other wild conjectures about our alleged evolutionary ancestors are not based on evidence, but on storytelling of things that are not really there. And ignoring more rational explanations for what has been observed.
Details make the story of Homo antecessor an improbable tale of human evolution.
It was Europe’s entry into the early human evolution story.  It was the pride of the Spaniards.  It was Europe’s answer to Africa’s Homo ergaster, the earliest population of Homo outside of Africa.  It was named Homo antecessor, an evolutionary missing link living between 800,000 and 1.2 million years ago, according to the evolutionary timeline (antecessor being synonymous with predecessor; that’s why some nickname it “Pioneer Man.”)  The Spanish researchers who found some 90 fossil pieces at the Gran Dolina, Atapuerca site believe they have honed the age to about 900,000 years, according to Science Daily.  Wikipedia says the best-preserved fossil is a maxilla.  From other pieces, paleoanthropologists have inferred that the species was just about as tall as modern man, but had a slightly smaller brain size.
But then something weird happened.  In May 2013, during a low tide, human tracks appeared in some rocks along the English coast at Happisburgh.  By chance, some archaeologists came across them and thought they looked like footprints.  They came to make casts and photograph them.  Since they were found in rock thought to be a million years old, evolutionists immediately linked them to the long-lost Homo antecessor, deducing that a family with children passed this way a million years ago.
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