Neanderthals in Spain — Or Were They?

Neanderthal bones in Spain fell nowhere near the plain. They have caused a great deal of controversy in several locations, throwing off evolutionary dating timelines and more. Now it seems that remains in Spain may not be Neanderthal. Or they may be. Or both. Or neither. Huh? Personally, I opt for "both", since they are nowhere near the Neander Valley, they may be Neander-Spanish, like other immigrants that hyphenate their old and new homes. Ya dig?

It seems that whenever there is a variation in any living organism, the Evo Sith are looking for a way to say that it is an example of evolution in action. This is not only very fallacious because they use circular reasoning, ignore conflicting explanations and so on, but an example of their biases. Trying to shove variations of these ancient humans into some "that must be evolution" scheme seems desperate. If you're confused, it is not surprising, considering the ever-changing speculations that are offered as "science".

Neanderthal bones in Spain are giving more problems for anthropologists. Were they Neanderthal or not? Both? Actually, the evolutionary speculations fall apart. The biblical creation explanation is a far better fit for the facts.

How about trying something else? Since the evidence does not lead to evolution, the biblical creation model (which is far more plausible) should be considered.
A famous fossil cave in Spain yielded some 6,500 human fossils from at least 28 ancient individuals. Investigators analyzed the human skull parts and compared them with typical Neandertal skulls. Their findings, published in the journal Science, unwittingly support a biblical creation model for Neandertal origins.

Along with human bones in two of its distinct floor layers, the Spanish cave Sima de Los Huesos, which means "bone chasm," also had remains of predators including bears.

What did those ancient people look like? In short, the Science authors found that the human skulls showed a combination of Neandertal traits and modern traits. Were they true Neandertals? Not exactly, but neither were they not Neandertal. What does this do to evolution or creation concepts of Neandertal origins?
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