Putting Down Two More Evolution Fictions

One problem that creationists have is that we have to deal with Darwin's Drones who want to negate what we have to say with proof of evolution. (Some are more reasonable and simply want to give what they consider to be evidence of evolution, not "proof".) Creationists and Intelligent Design proponents do not have a problem with evidence, because what Darwinists have to offer in defense of their worldview is weak.

Evolutionists present evidence for their beliefs. But it is often outdated and discredited. Here are two more "evidences for evolution" that should be buried and forgotten.

Have you ever seen a creationist haiku on a tombstone before?

The most frequent problem we have is when evolutionists present what they consider evidence, and it has been dealt with by creationists already or even discarded by evolutionary scientists. They seldom do their homework. Unfortunately, these things keep popping up and are even in textbooks and so forth. We often know their material better than they do.

This article presents two items that are touted as evidence for evolution that should be buried. One is a claim that since some members of a Turkish family walked on all fours, it is evidence of evolution (which was based on circular reasoning and ignoring other explanations). The other is that claim that God designed the human eye poorly (scientifically shredded here, among other places), so it must be evolution. This claim is ridiculous on the surface because it admits that evolution is lousy at design. I encourage you to read "Two Evolutionary Evidences Debunked".