The Jigsaw Puzzle of Human Evolution

To hear the popularizers of human evolution tell it, the progression from simpler life forms through apelike ancestors all the way to modern humans is a well established mosaic, except for the occasional missing link, and it is all "settled science" and the scientific consensus.

The reality is far different, and more like a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces. There are false starts, former transitional forms that have been reclassified as fully human or fully ape, embarrassments and frauds. Settled science and consensus? There is considerable disagreement within the evolutionary community. All they have is the presupposition that evolution occurred, then try to force the evidence into their monkey scheme. So, this "mosaic" is nothing of the kind. The fanciful tale is that bits and pieces of bones that are widely scattered, and ancient humans supposedly evolved various traits, and then here we are. The truth of human origins is not found in imaginative paleontology (i.e., making stuff up) evolutionary thinking.
In a new comprehensive review of humanity’s story, evolutionary anthropologists tell their tale of how hominins1 in many locales progressed up the evolutionary ladder by using whatever useful traits they each possessed to cope with intense wet and dry seasons in ancient Africa. Something as simple as long legs was a step up. The sum of all those traits represents the gradual evolution of the human condition.

Oh What a Tangled Web . . .
Based on the analysis published in Science, our evolutionary story just became even more indecipherable. Evolutionist Chris Stringer of London's Natural History Museum, comments:
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