The Universe Should Not Even Exist — Wait, What?

The Big Bang has evolved several times and is only distantly related to the original concept. Cosmic background radiation was thought to be a proof for it, but then the horizon problem appeared and did more harm than good. Also, the Teleological Argument would not go away. Being skilled metaphysicians, cosmogonists and cosmologists brought forth ex nihilo the idea of "inflationary theory". This, too, is something that looks good on paper but cannot be proved.

Computer simulation of particle traces from an LHC collision in which a Higgs Boson is produced.
(c) CERN. Image credit: Lucas Taylor
Then there was a ruckus about the Higgs boson. Atheists were rejoicing at the possibility that the universe could indeed spontaneously come into existence (a credulity-straining extrapolation at best), but the celebration was premature. Now it looks worse. Given for the sake of argument that evidence for the Big Bang and inflation has been found, it cannot work. The more desperate secular scientists get, the more absurd they sound when they try to find ways to posit life, the universe and everything without the Creator.

Before I send you to the featured article, I have to say something to Christians. Our faith is not based on the latest trends of man-made "science", it is based on the unchanging Word of God. One compromiser was saying that the book of Genesis harmonizes with the Big Bang (not hardly!), and that the Higgs bosun news supports it. I wonder how his faith is doing now.
Theologians might rightly celebrate a recognition by cosmologists that the universe is so finely-tuned, it shouldn’t exist.

“Sir, I exist!” said a man to the Universe. “However,” replied the Universe, “the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.” That joke by Stephen Crane points out that human existence is not a necessary consequence of Matter, if that is all the universe is. But what if the Universe began the conversation? “I exist!” said the Universe to Nothing and No One. Those two would not only have no sense of obligation, they would be blind, deaf, and dumb to the statement. Only God could celebrate the existence of a material universe, and He is under no obligation to create one.

In that light, look at a news article by Tia Ghose on Live Science: “Universe Shouldn’t Be Here, According to Higgs Physics.” The Higgs boson discovery was the big event of 2012. It produces the Higgs Field in the Standard Model that gives mass to particles. Ghose translates the complexities of the theory into pithy lay language:
You can read the rest at "Existence of Universe Is Highly Improbable". Addendum: A follow-up article was released from the same site, "Inflation Concocted to Avoid a Young, Perfect Universe".