The Appendix is NOT "Vestigial"

Purveyors of mold-to-monkey evolution will point to what they call vestigial structures as proof of their belief system, where the standard definition of "vestigial" is something that was useful in our evolutionary past, but is now completely (or almost completely) useless. This is based on circular reasoning and making assumptions: how do you know what happened in the distant past? One of the most common examples cited is the human appendix, which can be perfectly healthy but removed anyway, based on evolutionary assumptions.

Jerry Coyne redefined the word: "A trait can be vestigial and functional at the same time. It is not vestigial because it’s functionless, but because it no longer performs the function for which it evolved” (emphasis in original)". And he knows the original because...?

Many evolutionists persist in the falsehood that humans have vestigial structures despite the evidence. Here, the most common bad example, the appendix, is discussed.

Although the appendix was shown to be important to digestion, Evo Sith like Jerry Coyne,  Live Science, and others persist in the "it's vestigial" falsehood, disagreeing with another evolutionary stronghold, National Geographic. (Also see "Do any vestigial organs exist in humans?".) Further studies show that the appendix is not "vestigial" by any contrived definition, it is actually very important. Of course it is! We were brilliantly designed by our Creator, old son.
Some belief systems liberate thinking. Others, like an evolutionary worldview, are so confining that evolutionary biologists may either observe non-existent or overlook actual biological functions based on preconceived notions of what they expect to see.1 One example of this bias is the categorization of the human appendix as a worthless organ by thought-constrained evolutionists. This assumption hindered research on a truly useful part of our digestive system and highlights a colossal evolutionary blunder.

The “Useless” Appendix Is “Evidence” for Evolution

Since Darwin’s time, the world’s sharpest evolutionary biologists have championed the human appendix as unquestionable evidence for evolution and against intelligent design. But scientific research demonstrates the folly of both assertions by showing the appendix to be a fully functional organ.
You should take out some time and read the rest of the article, "Major Evolutionary Blunders: Our Useful Appendix — Evidence of Design, Not Evolution".