Clarifying the Concept of Question Evolution Day

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This short article is informational, and a bit of a rant.

As regular readers are aware, February 12 is Question Evolution Day. Other readers have just been made aware. Isn't it great how the sharing of information works? Anyway, I have posted links, made videos, written articles, and other things to promote the event. Many people have expressed interest and enthusiasm.

Clearing up some misconceptions about Question Evolution Day. People can participate wherever they are, as little or as much as they wish. Also, difficulties for biblical creationists to be heard in Bible-believing churches.
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Part of awareness-raising is to make an "event", such as this one on Facebook. I've received responses from people who are biblical creationists and agree with what QED is all about that are along the lines of, "Thanks for the invite, but I'm busy that day". I get mighty puzzled about that. Did they read the material or watch any of the short videos in the link?

Let me commence to laying things out. I'm not asking anyone to come to Kingston, New York for the day — or travel anywhere. Nor is Question Evolution Day a full-day commitment. This is promoted ahead of time for people who want to have an event or celebration in their homes, churches, or whatever, write up an article, or do something else that requires planning. To post a link about creation science, say that they support Question Evolution Day (providing a link to the description would be helpful), making a comment on social media — you can participate in just a few moments! If someone believes in what we're doing and has an Internet connection, they are not too busy. And there is no money involved except on my part.

On another level, I think that one advantage I have is that, in the eyes of the world, I am a nobody. Nothing to sell, no book to promote, nothing like that. Which means that Question Evolution Day is a grassroots event for which almost anyone can participate.

Unfortunately, being a nobody is also a disadvantage when I cowboy up and approach various media sources for interviews and coverage. I get few replies. Other radio shows, podcasts and such have their favorite people to get for discussions on creation science and evolution, so I'm not needed. However, those people are promoting their own ministries and media, and Question Evolution Day is different: its for practically everyone, and those people can get behind it as well. Many if not all of those people I contacted are in agreement with the purposes of QED.

On a level beyond the basics of QED, I reckon that that this part will resonate with many biblical creationists — individuals as well as ministries. We want to get information into churches so we can explain why Genesis is foundational to a proper understanding of Scripture. The frustration is that conservative churches are unwilling to even let us explain what creation science, biblical authority, foundations, and Genesis are all about. Then they wonder why people are leaving churches! There are answers to questions on origins, and most biblical creationists are seeking to equip Christians to stand up for biblical truth, and for believers to be convinced in their own minds (see "My amazing paradigm change" by Terry Novich). It's often difficult to get a hearing, even in conservative, Bible-believing churches for some reason.

This started out to let people know that Question Evolution Day is not a huge demand on anyone's time, and almost anyone can participate on various levels if they believe in what we're doing. The rest of the article is the frustration that I experience, as well as other biblical creationists. Hope this clarifies the concept. Thanks for reading, I'm much obliged.