The Puzzling Colugo

If you get to roaming around the jungles of Southeast Asia, watch your step, know when and where to look (what with many being elusive and all), you'll find a whole heap of beasties that defy evolution. Yesterday's post was about the tarsier, and this time, another tree-dweller called the colugo. I reckon one reason some things are "elusive" is that they live way up yonder in the trees, and are very difficult to observe and track. And colugos kind of fly away.

Another evolution-defying and creation-affirming elusive jungle creature is the colugo. Mis-named the "flying lemur", it accumulates many air miles through its ability to glide among the trees.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Lip Kee Yap / CC BY-SA 2.0
One name for the colugo is "flying lemur". It's not a lemur, and it doesn't exactly fly, it glides. Quite a long way if it has a mind to. Evolutionists don't know how to classify it, and it's currently in a class by itself. Creationists believe it is from a separate biblical kind. (By the way, just because creationists use a different categorization method in some cases doesn't give anyone call to go all haywire and call them stupid or liars, you savvy?) The colugo is clearly built for its specialized way of survival by their Designer.
You might think the colugo (ka-LOO-go) of Southeast Asia is a clumsy creature — well, maybe at first glance. On the ground, these odd, squirrel-like creatures seem to flop and jump along with the awkwardness of a baby bird. They also make climbing a tree look like a laborious process, which involves scraping at the bark with sharp claws and then hopping up quickly on their tiny paws. You get exhausted just watching them.

But once they’ve reached high into the canopy of the rainforest—the place where they belong—something amazing happens. These clumsy ground-walkers take to the air in an elegant display of aerodynamics. They glide like no other mammal on earth and prove, once again, that our ingenious Creator knows how to surprise us.
To read the rest, glide on over to "Colugos—Soaring Above Expectations". You might want to catch the short video below of the creature in action, too.